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Tuesday 13 June 2017


Tri-Shed at the studio during autumn 2016

Anders Berensson has designed a small pedagogical/learn to build/practical structure for Full Scale Studio. A Tri-shed a much needed tool shed that is one bigger unit at school but can be divide into three smaller tool-sheds when being out on town building projects for clients.

Third of the Tri-shed on a building site during spring 2017

Since the house is built by students, the building process of the factory is a crash course in common Swedish construction methods. Every moment in erecting the building is designed as a lesson in construction and how to use common hand tools. A critical part of the design was to keep 28 students occupied at the same time and make sure that each group of students had to go through all building methods and techniques to succeed with their assignment, techniques that are crucial to know for their forth coming projects. Every cut is designed for various cutting tools such as circle saws, jig saws and hand saws. The house is also assembled with several different assembly methods such as nailing, screwing and so on.

Two day workshop outside the architecture school assembling the sheds.

To the left transporting one third of the Tri-shed to the right assembling the roof

Since the house should be able to move back an forth from the Studio space at KTH the house is designing to exactly fit into the school elevator standing on a hand pallet truck when taking of the roof. Due to the studio has a low budget the shed is designed with as lite material use as possible 

Overview drawing and material order

Cutting drawings to reduce material waste