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Wednesday 15 July 2015

Bay Window Bench

A-B-A has designed and built a very small and affordable project for an apartment with a bay window in Stockholm. The task was to make the best possible use of a bay window that is the only window in the apartment that get a decent amount of sun plus a view along the street. The solution became a bench that is formed after the bay window when opened and closed. During the winter it creates a light seating area in the apartment. In the summer when the windows are opened it creates a small balcony space where one can sunbath and have breakfast in the morning.
The construction is made out of one single 16 mm MDF-Board that is glued together to thicker pieces when needed and plugged together with wooden dowels. The total coast of material including the foam cushion and fabrics is slightly over a 100 euros, A really good price for a furniture and a summer season balcony!

The Bay Window Bench In Winter & Summer mode

Breakfast at the Bench

View from the bench 

The hidden balcony from outside
Detail picture of MDF-boards interlocking 

The bench at New Year's Day.

Drawing of cuts and fabrication

Sunday 12 July 2015

Book release! Full Scale Studio

As a co-founder and director of the KTH School of architecture, Full Scale Studio. AB is proud to present the book "Full Scale Studio First Year 2014-2015"  containing the amazing work that has been produced during the first year of the studio. If you want one you can get one for free if you contributed to the studio last year or pay an extensive amount of money for the book that will be part of founding next years studio projects. Please contact the studio if you want to make a deal.