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Monday 8 September 2008

Guest House Gräskö

Anders Berensson Architects has redesigned and  rebuilt a scrubby storage into a guesthouse in the Stockholm archipelago. The house can accommodate four to eight guests depending on comfort.
Due to a tight budget new inventions had to be made as well as second hand purchases from Blocket, a Swedish second hand site. 

Most windows used in the rebuilding was found in the house. For major openings new windows has been made out of Plexiglas and designed to look like openings with out window frames. 
Furniture has been designed to accommodate four people in a standard mode. At bigger celebrations the furniture can fold out to fit eight people. 

The inner roof of the shed has been remove and replace with a pitched roof allowing a loft in the guest house. In the main room the exposed beams serves as a rig for lighting as well as a storage space. A wooden beam carry the new loft as well as serving as a room divider in the hallway, a door stoop, a cloth hanger and support for the ladder to the loft.
View of Loft
View of Plexiglas window in the hall way with a shelf mounted on the window making it look like it is hoovering 
Beam in the hallway lifting the loft, holding a draper and serves as a clothes hanger 

View of Plexiglas window in the hall way from the outside
View of Plexiglas veranda door.
View of veranda in the evening sun
View of veranda in the evening sun