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Thursday 7 January 2016

Fold-Out Sauna

Anders Berensson Architects has designed a shed that can fold out to become a sauna when needed. The sauna is to be located in a small allotment garden area close to the city center of Stockholm. The local plan allow a complementary storage building of 3 square meter without needing to apply for a building permit. The client however wanted a sauna rather than a storage and asked us if it was possible to design a storage building that could transform into a bigger sauna when needed. The answer to this unusual request became this fold-out sauna. 

Video of Fold-Out Sauna transforming from storage to sauna

Section drawing of the buddings two modes 

Fold-Out Sauna when closed; A 3 square meter shed with racks for tools and with an outdoor bench on the back side.
Fold-Out Sauna when opened; The sauna is now 6 square meters. The racks has become three levels of seating with a view towards the canal from the top seat. The outdoor bench works as a support for the structure.

The office actually has a history of building hidden saunas. If you like this project you might also want look at our earlier project Secret Sauna.