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Wednesday 12 August 1970

Look Out Creatures

When collaborating with gruff carpenters it is sometimes healthy to break up the position architect-carpenter by throw in something unexpected. This concrete guinea pig and other small creatures where casted into the plinths when the carpenters left for the weekend. A subtle message saying we are watching you and might improve your work at any time. 

Monday 10 August 1970

Log Lego Park front boxes

The light strand on Log Lego Park where put up later by an electrician. I told the project leader he should talk to me on site before starting with his work but I never got to meet the guy. Passing by the project late October one could clearly see that the electrician had been there. At the front of the park on the frame facing the street there where two huge electric boxes fronting the whole project feeding ten tinny light strands. I immediately asked the project leader to redo the electricity and get rid of the electrical boxes in the front. Although I disliked the electric boxes I had to admit that the framme facing the street looked pretty nice with some sort of box on it so I bought five bird houses to replace the giant electrical boxes with. I guess I have to credit the electrician for that Idea.