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Monday 3 July 2017

Circle House

Anders Berensson Architects has designed a round villa overlooking the Swedish great lake Vänern. The client asked for a space-efficient, white stone house. Since the circle is the shape that contains most area within the least circumference and stone walls are easy to build in round shapes we decided to design a round villa made out of white stone walls. 

Rendering of back

The floor plan is designed so all rooms are connected to the center living room reducing unwanted communication space.  All round walls are made by different types of stones that will be painted or plastered white where as all straight walls are made out of standard gypsum board walls to  reduce cost. The outer circle is built by light concrete blocks that is both insulating and load bearing. The middle circle is built by standard bricks that are load bearing but not insulating. Since the bricks will be painted white we can use cheap miss colored ones. The inner circle that is the fireplace is built by a finer type of brick that is suitable for both outside and inside use. Since all Swedish fire places needs to have a ladder for the chimney sweeper we decided to make that ladder into something extra ordinary. Around the fire place leads a stair to a terrace on top of the chimney with a 360 degree view over the area that can be both used by the chimney sweeper but most of all by our clients living in the house.

Floor plan
Rendering inside the living room

Floor plan with wall types

Rendering of floor plan

Sunday 2 July 2017


Anders Berensson Architects in collaboration with Swedish housing company Sommarnöjen has designed the next generation of the company's housing series c/o. The work included designing two bigger models c/o 40 and c/o 50 plus overlooking and further improve the production, detailing and design process of the whole c/o series.

c/o 40
The customers of Sommarnöjen often own remote plots on the Swedish country side. To increase the accessibility where the house can be transported c/o 40 is deigned in two separate modules optimized in widths, length and heights for Swedish road conditions. The house is later assembled into one unit when lifted on site. One unit includes kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms and one unit the living room with less installations that makes is easy to adapted to views and specific conditions of each site.

c/o 40 Tidlös

c/o 40 Modern
c/o Klassisk

 General floor plan

c/o 50
The c/o 50 has the same layout and spatial configuration as c/o 40 but with one extra bedroom.

c/o 50 Tidlös

c/o 50 modern
c/o 50 Klassisk

General floor plan

Detailing, design process & automation
Apart from designing the two new models the bulk part of the work has been to go through every single detail, drawings and the whole production-line of all c/o models to improve every possible detail together with the team at Sommarnöjen . The work included visiting all factories in Latvia and Estonia producing  c/o. Updating the software to automate the drawing process of  each house, plus redistribute and change information flows between different computer programs and professions.