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Thursday 25 August 2016

Power Tower

Anders Berensson Architects has been commissioned by the Kungl Djurgårdens förvaltning ( Swedish Royal Court ) to investigate the future of twelve big power towers. The towers is no longer in use and stands in the urban national park Norra Djurgården in central Stockholm. ABA proposes to transform one or two of them into picnic towers with a magnificent view over the park and the city of Stockholm. 

The towers are constructed to carry heavy power lines over the tree tops in the park making them strong enough to hold platforms and high enough to give a great view. The added stairs and platforms are made in wood to reduce weight and to contrast to the old structure. The towers are designed with a kiosk in the lower levels that can sell snacks and beverages for the picnic and also open and close the towers for the public at summertime. 

Principal drawing of attaching the new structure 

View from the towers

Map of the park and towers

Tower in day time and night time

Monday 8 August 2016

Apple Headquarter

This summer Anders Berensson Architects has designed and built the headquarter for a very special and loved little client in a garden at Limhamn, Sweden. The headquarter is shaped like an apple since it is placed on top of an old dead apple tree. The interior of this stake out is a bench, some thin plywood shelves for books and a periscope hidden inside a rotating apple twig to spy on the surrounding villa gardens. The structure is built out of two big plywood sheets that has been jigsawed into an interlocking apple shape and then clad with poly-carbonate sheets creating a transparent and super strong headquarter.

The playhouse in action
Interior of the Apple headquarter

Sketch of the headquarter
1 to 1 drawing on plywood sheet