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Monday 23 October 2017

Fiskartorpet Ski Jumpers Lounge

Anders Berensson Architects has designed an extension to a Ski Jumping tower in Stockholm. The extension will allow ski jumping but most of all open up the tower for other events such as snowboard and big air jumps during the winter and nice views and bird watching all year around.  Due to a combination of less practitioners, the fact that the tower has become to short for professional ski jumping and warmer climate making the lake bellow the tower not freeze as frequently as before the tower has since long lost its main function as an arena for ski jumping in Stockholm.  Therefore we decided to think of the tower more as a multi-functional view and jump tower. The extension is designed as a continuation of the jumping slope, a board that sits on the old slope following its angle. At the top of the tower the board bends to a horizontal position making a start for jumping and a viewing platform. The bending board also create a room below that will be covered in glass and give a panoramic view over Stockholm and the National Park Norra Djurgården. 

Tower in the summer

Tower in the winter
All permits are approved and building start is planned in 2018. Given that the tower is a landmark in North West Stockholm the design has been carefully reviewed by both the Stockholm planning office, the Stockholm Beauty Council and the Royal Court.

Tower from lake below 

Tower today with temporary structure and with new extension 

Main section A-A

Main section B-B

Floor plan

Roof plan