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Wednesday 7 October 2015

Swallow Suites

 ABA has designed a couple of luxury suites for swallows in collaboration with Butong. The project is a mini building constructed and colored to be fitted under a typical Swedish eave. The suites are made out of Butong colored to blend into whatever building the structure is mounted on. The structure is shaped as a 90 degree angel on the back side to be easily attached to a cabin eave. The front is spherical to form the perfect nest for birds. Swallows are one of few birds that prefers concrete before wood and the 30 mm diameter of the Butong bubbles are the exact dimension preferred by swallows as entrance holes to their houses. Just like most birds swallows prefer houses with some patina. Therefore the swallow suits are mounted now in the autumn so that winter can wear them down enough to get new resident this spring.

Section, the structure makes an extra protecting layer of concrete and a frame to easily fill with clay.

Swallow Suite close up picture

Swallow Suite picture

Swallow Suite picture from distance, the structure almost disappear

Swallow Suite sketch