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Wednesday 15 February 2017


Anders Berensson Architects has designed the interior for a single room apartment in central Stockholm. The design is based on making use of a big void bellow half of the apartment’s floor in combination with manifesting the client’s penchant for a French "bobo" life style. The apartment is divided into a kitchen area in the higher part of the flat that sits on top of the void and a social zone in the lower part. The void beneath the kitchen floor serves as the apartment’s storage. It stores the bed when not used and several other necessities. The kitchen floor also host a series of hatches with glass lids to store things that are practical to see and fun to show such as a shoe hatch, herb hatch, good looking iron hatch and the entrance hatch to the void. To make the kitchen area feel more French we painted the already white floor in a checkerboard pattern. The pattern is also covering the glass lids creating a raster effect especially at night when the hatches are lit. The social zone in the lower part of the flat consist of a sofa covering three sides of the space. The forth side is a custom made book shelf covering the four meter high wall. The bookshelf has an integrated workstation and half of the shelf is adapted in depth to host the clients collection of 11 cm deep French white paperback novels. At night the social zone transforms into a giant bed by sliding out a bed from under the kitchen floor that fills the gap between the sofas. Most of the apartment was design during dinner sessions with the client. These sessions often led to the refinement of small personal fun details such as a iron board, a wine cooler bench, a folding kitchen table etc. During one session the client also gave us free hands to design some of the details in a subtle way to manifest his mating preferences. Small details that should raise the question is it or is it not a ...?

Social part turned into a bed

Main drawing

Picture from kitchen 

Book shelf

Picture from social part

Big hatch in use during party

Good looking iron hatch
Entrance hatch

Shoe hatch