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Tuesday 15 June 2010

Cauldron Claw

A flaming bathtub in the forest for an old man in the north of Sweden. An old welder wanted a bath in his childhood creek in the deep forests of Northern Sweden. Old metal scrap was welded together and fused as legs to a bath tub from the WWI. Custom made metal hooks carry a perforated steel plate that hangs over the creek, where you put logs to heat the water inside the tub. The stream under the tub gives the fire a steady flow of air through the perforations. A steel plate regulates the flow of the water from the creek and has medicinal plants growing on it, to give the bath a soothing experience for aching bodies as the water trickles through this pharmacy of nature and in to the cauldron. The first phase of the project was carried out during winter time so that we could transport the heavy structure on the hard snow all the way to the site. When the winter finally subdued and turned the landscape around the Cauldron Claw into a lush and paradisesque environment, we went back to pick the medicinal plants and constructed the steel aqueduct and witnessed the old man take his premiere bath.