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Sunday 5 November 2000

Anders Berensson Architects

Anders Berensson Architects is an architecture office founded in Stockholm, Sweden by Anders Berensson in 2006. The philosophy of the office is to gain energy for each project from the unique conditions that each client and task provide. The office do not have a fixed design idea except  that we only do great projects for great people that we, the client and society can be proud of. We work with all kind of clients, big or small. We like variety! The office have a consciously diverse portfolio since we have shifting clients with different needs and dreams from all over the world. Our reputation is not based on repeating ourselves but by inventing new great architecture everywhere for everyone. The firm has a portfolio that's been widely published all over the world and we can promise you a dedicated, unique and outstanding project.

The office deals with all kind of architectural tasks for both companies, organizations and private persons and we operate in all scales. The office has experience from working all over the world and with a wide range of happy clients. Please contact us whatever your project might be, we love surprises. The first meeting is always free.

If you want to learn more about the firms work don’t hesitate to contact us for a lecture. A-B-A have been lecturing at universities, companies and associations all over the world and we are always happy to share our work. Don’t hesitate to contact us on:

Publications and exhibitions
The work of the office has been widely published and exhibited all over the world. Click on the image bellow to see a selection of publications, exhibitions and events where the firm’s work has been included or will be in the nearby future.

Visit A-B-A buildings
There is no better way to experience our architecture than to visit the actual building.  
For directions or contacts please contact us at: 

Anders Berensson has founded and runs the KTH School of Architecture master degree studio ; Full Scale Studio. The studio is focusing on the architect’s role in building processes and society through full scale tests and investigations. To learn more about the studio click on the image bellow go to the studio homepage.

A-B-A is an office that is always open for collaborations. Anders is proud to be the co-founder and director of visiondivision and a part of the architectural collective Svensk Standard. If you want to collaborate don’t hesitate to contact us on: